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Over the decade, there have been many releases of Android software. We are not accustomed to some of them. So, in this article, I will be discussing Android all versions. Also, some of their important features. Since we are using this on a daily basis, it is wise to know how it has evolved within such short time.

Description on Android all version names

Each update took the Smartphone market one step closer to the success. In the following part,you will learn what the different version updates android went through to get to this stage.

Android all versions


Cupcake is Android 1.5 version which released in April 2009. It had the ability to rotate the screen by itself. Also, it is the first to bring the widgets. The handsets were able to support folders on the home screen for the first time. Not only this, they improved the Bluetooth, YouTube, and other necessary services.


Donut is Android 1.6 version which released in September 2009. Donut was one of the greater parts of Android all versions. Here, Android kept the current changes but improved them. They brought higher resolution screen support. Also, the camera and picture quality improved. It helped to bring in new handsets in the market. With this update, people were able to perform universal search too.


Eclair is Android 2.0 and 2.1 which released in November 2009. Here, the update started to work on Microsoft related software. Business people found this impressive as they were able to send emails via their device. Also, this update supported many Gmail accounts in one device. They enhanced the camera power by introducing flash, brightness, effects, and zoom.


Froyo is Android 2.2 which released in May 2010. With this update, people were able to upload files on the internet. They launched USB tethering. The device was able to install programs and applications on the expandable memory. The major addition was JIT compiler. It helped to increase the processing power of the handset.


Gingerbread is Android 2.3 which released in December 2010. There were many important improvements made. They added download manager that helped to keep track of downloaded items. The major addition was people were able to make video calls. The front camera was introduced.


Honeycomb is Android 3.0 which released in February 2011.The upgrade was crucial for tablet users. Big size keyboard helped type better in tablets. Also, adding a built-in system for video call ability which made the experience far better.

Ice-cream Sandwich

Ice-cream Sandwich is Android 4.0 which released in May 2011. It enabled more storage space for applications, and there were new lock systems. Facial recognition was introduced. It had data traffic tracker. It kept an eye on the use of the internet so that you do not cross the limit. People were able to decline calls with a message written from beforehand.

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is Android 4.1 which released in June 2012. You can view the photos you have a click from the camera in a filmstrip. They made the interface smoother. People were able to transfer data with the help to Android Beam. You can rearrange the shortcuts of widgets. And people were able to use USB audio.It was one of the greatest addition to Android all versions.

Kit Kat

Kit Kat is Android 4.4 which released in September 2013. There were many improvements under this. People were able to use emojis for the first time via their handsets. Multitasking became comfortable. The messaging part had many changes which improved the quality. You could play offline music too.


Lollipop is Android 5.0 which released in June 2014. It brought multiple profiles in one device. There wasa new version of notification bars. Also, you could unlock your handset with the help of Bluetooth. You could install flashlight app if the device had a flash option in its camera.


Marshmallow is Android 6.0 which released in May 2015. It enabled better control over the permissions. There were many new features such as fingerprint sensor. Further, the devices battery life improved. You could put applications in standby mode. You could also enjoy opening multiple windows at the same time.


Nougat is Android 7.0 which released August 2016. Here, you can use side by side applications on your screen.It is for the split-screen multitasking. You could reply to any messages directly from the notification bar. It has Pixel launcher, Google Assistant, Night Light and more.

Final Words

In the end, Android all versions played a significant role in improving the next one. Android is looking forward to launching the newer versions. They do not want to stop. All they want is to make our experience far better.

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