Top 7 Best File Hiding Apps For Android

Welcome to the article about Top 6 Best File Hiding Apps for Android. There is always something in your phone which you want to keep secret. The phone manufacturers company always give their best to secure the devices. But sometimes default securities are not enough. On the other hand, users may want to hide some files for keeping these secrets which are not possible without a third-party app.

We have gathered some apps which will help you to keep your file secret. On the other hand, those apps will also help you to protect your message and apps. Keep reading this article to know more about Best File Hiding Apps for Android.

Best File Hiding Apps for Android

Top 7 Best File Hiding Apps For Android

Here are the top apps for keeping your file safe and secret. Those File Hide Apps are free to use. However, you can get the paid premium version for additional features.  Download any of the Top 6 Best File Hiding Apps for Android for hiding your file.

  • Vault

Vault is one of the best apps for hiding your file. This app can protect your photo, video, audio, apps and everything. Your files will be hidden in a locked place. You will need the password every time you want to view the files. There is a premium version of the app. The premium version of the app has some additional features including cloud storage, stealth mode, and face unlocks.

  • Hide It Pro

Hide It Pro is an another great app for hiding photos and videos. In addition, the functionality of the app is totally different from other file hiding apps. In this app, your file will keep hidden under a media player. So, no one will ever discover this app without your help. On the other hand, there is a built-in video player and slideshow to view your media file. As a result, you will not need to unhide the files to view them.

  • AppLock

You can also use AppLock to hide your files from your Android device. n the other hand, you can hide photo, video, SMS, emails, and contacts with this app. You will need a different password for a different file. So, your files are more safe with this app. You can view the file by simply typing the password on the dial pad. On the other hand, there is a premium version of the app. The premium version offers more services and you can hide more files with this app.

  • Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault is an another great apps for hiding files. All of your hidden files are encrypted under this app. You can only browse the hidden files by entering the correct password. Besides, all the hidden files will be in one place inside the Gallery Vault app. Moreover, there is a media player to view your file without unlocking them. On the other hand, the Gallery Vault has a friendly user interface. As a result, everyone can easily use it.

  • Vaulty

Vaulty is a file hiding app which is only useable for hiding pictures and videos. You can hide your private photos and videos under the app. To access the app, you will need a password or pin code. The app will automatically take a photo when someone tries to access this app with a wrong password. As a result, you will easily detect the intruder. On the other hand, you can also backup your photo and video files with this app. It helps you to get back your file when you lose your phone.

  • Fotox File Hide Apk

Fotox is a great file hiding apps with advanced features. Normally, the file hiding apps offers you password or PIN protection. But the Fotox app offer a variety of protection including Password, PIN, Pattern, Face Detection, etc. This user-friendly app is easily usable for all type of people.

  • KeepSafe

KeepSafe comes with a lot of features to hide your media files. This app use password protection for hiding files. On the other hand, this app never shows its existence in the app list. As a result, intruders can hardly access it. The app is free. However, it has a premium version with additional features.

The file hiding apps come with a great help for hiding files. On the other hand, it also keeps your file safe from intruders. Hopefully, this article will help you to find the Best File Hiding Apps for Android.

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