The Difference Between Android and iOS Operating System

There is a lot of difference between Android and iOS operating system. Android and iOS are two most popular smartphone operating system of the current time. Almost all the smartphones of the world are powered by those two operating system. There is a lot of difference between Android and apple iOS operating system.
There are differences in performance, user interface, and many more things. on the other hand, there are similarities too. In this article, we will talk about the difference between android and iOS.

Difference Between Android and iOS

The Android and Apple iOS has come a big way from their starting. On the other hand, they have expanded their business as large as possible. Both of them are always in competition with one other for winning customer hurts. But which operating the system is better? Keep reading this article for an explanation.

Main Difference Between Android and iOS
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Features of Android

Android is developed by google which in introduced OHA (Open Handset Alliance). The smartphone running with the android operating system is released in 2008. Android has variety in its features as it is open source. Here are some top features of this operating system:
• Drop down notification menu above the screen.
• It is a fully open source for the users.
• It has an open source web browser integrated with Chrome V8.
• You can search anything with a voice in Android.
• It has a built-in email app along with a Gmail app.
• The network system of the android is DMA and Verizon.
• You can upload videos directly with the YouTube apps for android devices.
• Anyone can develop new android apps and also modify the existing apps.
• A user can use multiple Gmail account in the android.
• It has built in google maps with real time directions.
• You can write messages with voice commands in Android.
• It has five different homepages/display.
• Most of the android device comes with the front camera device.
• Support flash player for streaming online videos.
• Smart security system with the pattern, PIN, face detection, and password.
• Built in data usage analyzer for helping the users.
• The programming language of Android is written in C, C++, and Java.
• Android runs on Linux server.
• Widgets of Android are resizable.
• ARM, MIPS, X86 are the CPU architecture of Android.
• The televisions operating with android support video capturing and saving.
• Multitasking is another great feature of Android.
• Support multi-touch in some phones.
• Android use C2DM and GCM cloud messaging platform.
The Android smartphone got updates within some months. As it is open source, it has a variety of difference in devices.

Features of iOS

The Apple iOS is the operating system of phones and other devices developed by Apple company. It was first introduced at 2007. After that, it has released a lot of version of the iOS. The smartphones that run on iOS operating system is known as iPhone. iPhones are famous for their stunning looks and smoothie performances. Here are the features of iOS that make it unique.
• Responsive touchscreen with finger swipes and presses.
• It has a built in browser which run on PC’s Safari browser.
• Connectable with PC iTunes enabled computer by USB.
• Files are not accessible without directly on the device.
• Realistic metal design with natural and stunning icons and widgets.
• High-quality screen with a bigger size of resolution.
• Home button in the bottom of the home screen.
• Appstore with all the app available for this operating system.
• Peoples and the third party can also develop the apps.
• Keyboard support multi touch.
• Smart music system with iTunes which create a playlist based on previously played music.
• Users can control the device with voice control.
• It has the best security system. It can be lock or shutdown remotely.
• Do not run background apps.
• High definition and natural retina display.
• Notification drop down menu.

Top Difference Between Android and iOS
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From above features, we can find the difference between android and iOS. The Android OS has more concern on accessibility when IOS pay more attention to design and hardware. However, the performance of iOS devices is better than Android devices. However, the Android operated phones are better options in cheap price. The price of iOS device is too expensive. As a result, iOS running smartphones are mainly famous in developed countries. On the other hand, developing and less-developed countries use android most.

Hopefully, this article will give you a better knowledge about the difference between android and iOS.

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