The History of Android Robot

Android Robot is one of the buzz words of the current world. However, the word is misspelled. Actually, android and robot two words stand for the same thing. Our world is changing fast. In the last 30 years, the technology has changed dramatically. The life of peoples become easier and faster. As the development of technology, there is a lot of new things affecting our daily life. The Android operating system is one of them. The Android operating system is specially developed for making smartphones better.

However, now android is using in other technologies too. The droid robot is one of them. The main purpose of the android based robot is making robots that will be more like a human. The science has gone a long way in this too. The scientist of many countries already developed a lot android based robots. Here we will discuss the android robot.

History of Android Robot

The word “android” was first used by St. Albertus Magnus. It stands for human lookalike machines. It was mostly user in frictional characters for movie and novels with a different name. however, Japan was the first country who have taken action for making something which will look and act like the human. However, developed countries like America, China, Korea, Germany, etc. have done very well in android robotics.

History of Android Robot


The Bear Android is one of the most successful android robot for making mankind better. It stands for “Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot (BEAR). This robot was actually developed for helping the injured armies in the battlefield. It can carry up to 236 kilograms. So it can play life-saving rules in critical conditions. On the other hand, it was developed for facing dangerous situations like fire and explosive.  It can be controlled with a remote.

The BEAR robot can rescue the wounded peoples from any kind of risky situations. Apart from that quality, the robot has a pretty face. As a result, the wounded will not feel uncomfortable with it. It can enter the risky areas and take the situation under control easily. It was developed by Vecna Technologies.


The BINA48 is the most realistic android ever made. It was made by David Hanson from Terasem Movement. It was modeled by his wife Bina Rothblatt. On the other hand, it was built in the memory of a real human BINA. The amazing thing about this robot is it can talk with you about as like as Bina do. Besides, his knowledge grows every time he talks with a person. However, he can only react with his head. But the creator is dedicated to improving this robot far better in future.

It takes more than 100 hours to build the robot. In addition, it has the taste of a real person named BINA. The creator is making her currently trying to improve her thinking power.


The NAO s one of the best android humanoids which comes with emotions. It has the ability to learn, interact, and learn from the humans. It was developed by Aldebaran Robotics. The most amazing thing about the robot is it will be able to react with emotion in near future. The developer of the robot is making it more familiar with facial expressions and body languages.

On the other hand, it is familiar with a variety of languages and it can write in those languages. Moreover, it is now using in the hospital as a helper, playing soccer, helping in research, and doing many other things.


The HRP-4C is another great innovation of Android developers. It was built by a Japanese company named AIST. The amazing robot can do some of the human reaction most accurately. So it is known as super-realistic. Besides, it can even dance. The robot is 52-inch-tall and 43 KG in weight.

The HRP-4C can also smile, pout, give poses and do much more thing. The HPR-4C is more realistic than other robots. On the other hand, it’s interaction are surprisingly natural. The creators of it are currently trying to improve its body shape.

Robots will be the best companion of human in next few years. They will be used for making human life more comfortable. Hopefully, this article about android robot will be helpful for you.

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